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Extension of Deadline for FUNAI PUTME Registration

Following the Vice Chancellor’s approval the PUTME Registration Deadline has been extended from 3rd July to

GOOD NEWS: With small capital you can now start vending recharge pins


Many will collect money from you to reveal this secret to you but you will not pay a dime to get this life changing secret from me. Nevertheless we all know people don't appreciate what they get completely free, that is why I have decided to add the content as one of my premium contents. what does this imply? You just need to share this post with your friends to access this life changing secret. Remember I'm giving it to you free, give it out freely. Just click on any of the buttons below to unlock it

Congratulations for your arrival here. You are just a step close to joining the many who have been making a whole lot of money through this simple way I want to show you now. Just read this to end and you will never regret it.


Which ever way you go, recharge card business remains one of the most lucrative businesses you can venture into to make huge money in Nigeria, this is because recharging of phone is something millions do every minute in Nigeria and the world at large. However for years now it has been only a category of people(the rich) that actually make money through the business, the rest are just enriching them and getting some peanuts. What do I mean by this? For you to make big money with recharge cards in Nigeria you must be a top dealer like those that have shares with the telecom companies, those print by themselves and those that buy in bulk(wholesalers), the retailers and the final consumers are just enriching these three categories of people. You can agree with me that those who sale recharge cards as retailers in those street shops are not doing so to gain but to at least attract customers to their shops(i.e when they come to buy they may also pick up some other thingsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€). The unfortunate thing is that to be a top dealer one needs a lot of money and equipments, this has scared many away from recharge card printing business over the years, most companies that sale at wholesale require the buyers to buy a minimum of #50,000 to #100,000 value of recharge vouchers/cards. This has made it a business of no lay man. It was only few years ago that internet top up came in yet that was only valuable to the final consumers, they couldn't make money with it. It is this problem that a company called Recharge Alert International has provided a solution to, to make it easy for lay men to do with the little they have that which  requires hundreds of thousands with the accompanying stress to do.

 What is Recharge alert international?
RAI is a registered company whose platform you can use to sell airtime and data, subscribe TV cables, pay NEPA bills and generate WAEC PINS all from the comfort of your home and earn commissions. There mission is to turn your mobile phone into a money making machine. You can earn as much as #20,000 per one person you refer to the platform.

What Recharge alert international is not
RAI is not,
It does not have anything to do with cheat codes.

How RAI works
 1. Register through an already existing member. You have four packages to choose from;
 Self User
 Registration Bonus or cash back of 20% will be rewarded to you.
2. Start Growing your genealogy.
3. Each new user you refer, will attract 20% of the package amount the user is registering with.
4.After new Registration: ₦500 Up-level bonus compensation for Starter Users.
5.After new Registration: 10% bonus will be given to the first close referrer, 5% to the second close referrer, and 2.5% to the third close referrer generations of the new user referrer. Note: If these users are running on a higher package (greater than ₦10,000).
Each package upgrade will attract 20% bonus to your wallet.
6.After new upgrade: 10% bonus will be given to the first close referrer, 5% to the second close referrer, and 2.5% to the third close referrer generations from any upgraded package, if these users are running on a higher package (greater than ₦10,000).

Full information about packages

Self user
Reg. Fee: #10, 000
Reg. Bonus: #2000 
Airtime bonus: 2%
Data bonus: 2% 
TV subs. Bonus: 1.5%
Electricity bonus: 1.5% 

Reg. Fee: #20, 000
Reg. Bonus: #4000
Airtime bonus: 2%
Data bonus: 2%
TV subs. Bonus: 1.9%
Electricity bonus: 1.9%

Reg. Fee: #50, 000
Reg. Bonus #10,000
Airtime bonus: 2.5%
Data bonus: 2.5%
TV subs. Bonus: 2.1%
Electricity bonus: 2.1%

Reg. Fee: #100, 000
Reg. Bonus: #20,000
Airtime bonus: 3%
Data bonus: 3%
TV subs. Bonus: 2.5%
Electricity bonus: 2.5%

You can always upgrade your package at any time to earn higher commissions.

The amazing thing as about RAI
 As you refer(register) people to the platform you move from one stage to another and get mouth watering stage completion awards. The package you run does not have anything to do with this. Stage completion awards are the same for all packages.
There are * 7 stages you can complete and get the corresponding awards

Full details about stage completion awards

Stage completion award: N/A
Additional bonus: N/A
Stage completion award: #30,000
Additional bonus: N/A

Stage completion award: #80,000
Additional bonus: N/A

 Stage completion award: #200,000
Additional bonus: Smart phone(#30,000)

Stage completion award: #1,000,000
Additional bonus: Dubai trip(#250,000)

 Stage completion award: #4,000,000
Additional bonus: Car(#2,000,000)

Stage completion award: #15,000,000
Additional bonus: House(#5,000,000)

 Frequently asked Questions about RAI

 Why should I Join?
Recharge Alert is currently the fastest growing multilevel telecom and online payment marketing platform in Nigeria. Payouts are very quick and with no stress. In recharge alert you earn both instaneously and commulatively.

 Must i refer to earn?
When you recharge you earn and equally get mouth watering discount on the online payment services.

 What are the company's products/services?* - Airtime Recharge
- Data Subscription
- Waec Result Pin
- Electricity Bill Payment
- TV Cable Subscription

 How do I make payment?
As a member: you either make payment via; Direct Payment to the Bank or using an Online gateway. I will always give a simple video to those that have registered on how to do anything in the platform.

 How do I get paid?
All payments are made directly to your local banks or member to member funding via wallet transfer. This means can fund your fellow members wallet through wallet transfer and he or she pays you in cash or bank transfer.

 Can I have more than one account?
Yes, but advisably under your sponsor account and with the same details but a different username.

 Can I refer more than one person?
Yes! You can refer as many people as you want, and each person you refer attracts a bonus of 20% of the registration fee.

 Must I refer to get downlines?
In as much as it is very important you refer to get the best out of RAI  you will still get downlines even if you don't. This is because your upline is allowed to place only two people directly under his or her self, other registrants must then be placed under those already placed under his or her self. By that means you get downlines thus completing your stages and gettting the stage completion awards but the referral bonus will always go the referee.

You see the quality of a house is so much dependent on the foundation and RAI has that solid foundation. RAI is built on things that can't be pushed aside in any generation. First is that you need to know that whether economy goes up or down people can never stop 
 recharging their phones, subscribing data and TV cables and using electricity, millions of people including you do these everyday. Can you now understand? Furthermore it is an online business, this is great hope as  online transaction is rapidly taking over the world.

Now let's compare using RAI platform to recharge card printing
We are going to this considering some important factors.

Start requirement
Just as I have told you, to print recharge cards one need to register with a big money, you need to buy the recharge card printing machine or software for generating pins, you also need a laptop, printer, stapler and the stress of organizing and stapling the cards in packs, of cousre you also need a shop. All these as you know will cost you a lot. On the hand all you need to  start your recharge card business with RAI is just an investment as low as #10, 000 which you instantly get #2,000 back on registering, the other is just your smartphone with internet connection. You don't need a shop, you sale from any where, at the comfort of your home, even while sleeping you are

In as much as nothing will happen that can stop people from buying recharge cards people will definitely soon stop going to shops to buy recharge cards as internet topup is fast taking over. I personally can't remember the last time I bought a recharge card, I recharge from my bank account but since I discover how badly it affects my bank account balance(it depletes your account balance like mad) I have resorted to alternatives, thank God I discovered Recharge Alert International.
Recharge vouchers will vanish as years go by. RAI has given us that platform that is in alliance with the trends of time, it is built on a foundation that can't fail

The time and effort required to print recharge cards or buy from wholesalers is quite much, you will have to spend hours generating pins, printing and stapling your vouchers in packs. On the other hand RAI don't require any of these, you sale from any where at your comfort, by this you attract even more customers and give them maximum satisfaction. Who wants to keep trekking to look for shops where the sell vouchers for airtime or data subscription? who wants to stand in cue for minutes or hours just to recharge his Gotv,  Dstv, Startimes or Meter card? Who wants to stress himself while he can get what he wants sitting down on the couch and sipping his drink?

Income stream
In printing Recharge cards you have just one income stream, selling recharge cards but the RAI platform is that stone kills many birds, with RAI you get different income streams through which money flows in even while you are sleeping

Money saving
In recharge card business you the gains involved are little amount of Monies per sell, they accumulate into hundreds and millions of naira due due to how often you will always make those little gain but you can't keep them if you don't want way of saving up your money. Most people that sell recharge vouchers find it difficult to save their gains due to how small the gains are, they even spend it immediately but RAI has made it that your gain instantly goes into your E-wallet from where you transfer directly to your local bank account.

So why?
Why earn less with
More investment
More time
More effort
When you can earn  *more* with
Less investment
Less_ time
Less effort

It is good tiding that
You can use #10,000 to achieve much more than you would achieve if you invest over #100,000
With #10,000 in RAI you get a smartphone
A Dubai trip
A car
A house
With hundreds and millions of naira attached to them
This is pure gold mining

What then?
What then are you waiting for?
I strongly recommend RAI to you. Don't procrastinate any more 
Join RECHARGE ALERT INTERNATIONAL today and build a solid financial freedom for now and tomorrow

RAI awaits you, join today through an already registered user of the platform
I strongly encourage you to join recharge alert international today and begin to get your share of the millions of naira that are circulating every minute through recharge card business. All these years you have been enriching others, start enriching yourself.

 Stop saying #10,000 is too much for the registration because it is not, it is not an expenses it's called investment Those that want money to flow in must let some money go, ask all the successfully people they will tell you that 
If you keep the #10,000 I assure you that you can't give account of it in the next three weeks,  you will definitely spend it on things that are not even needs, why waste it when you can use it to make a lifetime investment that will earn you millions. I borrowed to register in RAI and I testify that I easily recovered the money in two weeks  and four days, I will show you proofs. I am still earning even as I am talking to you now, I earn even while asleep.
I earned more the money I used to register into RAI just 2 weeks without stress do I had to withdraw part of it yo do other things and I am still earning till today. Below is the screenshot of the first money I withdrew from RAI


 1. I understand that my new registrants may not be able to get referrals due to differences in individual capacity to convince people, so I am devoted to helping such people by giving them referrals. This is not placing people under them, I mean giving them referral where they get the referral bonuses. There is no selfishness in RAI, You grow as I grow and I grow as you grow, it's a win-win
 2. They are also entitled to getting trainings on other online businesses that I do. Making money online can be easy what you need is information. It has been over three years that I started my journey of exploring the net to find legit online businesses and I make bold to say that I have found out many. Many collect money to train others in online business but I have decided to give as a gift to all my downlines
 3. I am devoted to helping you grow in the business. Join RAI today and start building your financial walls

Don't wait until you are left behind.

πŸ›‘ Nobody has everything, before they became anything. The risks others are taking that you are not taking, is what puts them ahead of you. Risks is the price you pay for opportunity and ACTION is what separates the BEST from the REST
Do today what others won't by registering Recharge Alert International.

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