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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


    Looking intently at the course of nature one will easily see that everything is designed and so well arranged to serve specific purposes. Looking at man(male and female), you will discover that he is designed and assembled to serve a purpose, nothing is for nothing in the universe.
With this I want to tell us to all the parts of the human body is designed to reveal the
unseen or unknown including the private parts, yes, I mean THE PRIVATE PARTS.  There are many mysteries of the human body but the mystery of the females’ hymen is really a matter of concern, it’s a matter that both men and women should think about. Well you may ask me, what does this have to do with men?, a lot, and that is why I want you to follow me as reveal the mysteries of the hymen that will change your mind and perception and make you a better you in life.

I know that you know that the hymen is a hallmark of virginity in females but there is more to it than just that. Everything about the hymen is full of mysteries that everybody should know lest you may have been haunted all this years by these unknown mysteries.
    I am going to be brief and straight forward in revealing these mysteries except in few subjects that really demand more emphasis, so stay calm and read thoughtfully and know what many don’t know. Knowledge is power.
I want to stop here for now, next time I will begin with the definition; position and nature of the hymen and from there begin to tell us how everything about the hymen is revealing the unseen and the mind of the creator.
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