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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


In our previous lesson, I promised that this post would be centered on the measures to be taken in order to put an end to masturbation which is the main objective of this series of teachings but I have found out yet another important subject that we must talk on if you must stop masturbating. Infact, after reading this you may no longer need those  measures. I know you have read many things about masturbation but in this lesson am going to be precise  telling you about 


1.  Masturbation has deadly health consequences

     It's expedient that I share this with you less you have been perishing all this while for lack of knowledge. It's easy to understand that having a proper knowledge of the merits and demerits of a thing goes a long way in influencing one's actions towards it. I believe you don't drink acid simply because you know it's corrosive and can kill you at an instant and as well believe that you will never masturbate again after reading the things I want to share with you now. 
      It has been scientifically proven that
masturbation has terrible health consequences ranging from mental derailment, reproductive problems and others health problems. Some of these health challenges caused by masturbation can pose a big threat to healthy family living. let us see some of them.

  •  Mental derailment                  

Image result for masturbation and mental problem
Masturbation has been proven to cause depression, lack of focus and comprehension, these may seem little in your eye but their presence undeniably makes you abnormal or incomplete, these can affect one's marriage relationship and academics. Another dangerous health effect of masturbation is that it can cause brain damage by the utteration of one's dopamine receptors. Watch the video below to know more about how masturbation affects your

Or click this link   if the video refusemarriagesu

2. Masturbation has destroyed many marriages
It is fearful to know that marriage does not put an end to masturbation when one continuecontinues in it till marriage. The urge is insatiableinsatiable. I also leads to premature ejaculation making it impossible to enjoy real sex thus putting the marriage in shambles. You don't have to continue risking your future marriage. Quit masturbation now.
3. Masturbation is a sin
 There are many people that are making some foolish arguments about this, they even go through the entire bible looking for scriptures to prove that masturbation is no sin. Well you ask me then, what scriptures do you have to prove that masturbation is a sin, my answer is "none", not that there are no scriptures to prove that but I can't waste my time trying to prove what you know deep down in your heart. Your conscience tells you the truth except some whom God has delivered to strong delusion that they should believe a lie.
Is it not easy to understand that if man /woman were to be havibg sex with his or her self there would be no need tmof the opposite sex?. That is all. If you insist masturbation is no sin make sure you do it in the open. Believe it or not, masturbation is a sin against God, your own body and your family/ future family. There are many masturbators in hell. Beware.

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