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Extension of Deadline for FUNAI PUTME Registration

Following the Vice Chancellor’s approval the PUTME Registration Deadline has been extended from 3rd July to


Welcome back to this wonderful series of discussion on WHY YOU ARE NOT MARRIED YET. This is so critical that that I have to take it bit by bit, and please try to check your self as I reveal this reasons why so many due singles are yet to marry even though they have explored every medium and mechanism. Today, I am going to tell you one of the reasons which will sound foolish but true. What is that?
What?, yes and that is true, don't think you know it. Maybe in your mind you are already defining marriage for me- marriage is the coming together of man and woman to become husband and wife, that incantation we were all thought in school?, forget it. There is more to it than just that, marriage is not all about husband and wife but more of HUSBANDING AND AND IF THERE IS ANY WORD LIKE THAT, WIFING.
  It is this shallow knowledge about marriage that have hindered many, this is a natural principle, if you have not understood a thing and the way it works you're likely to fail if you venture into it.

 Many singles are yet to understand the principles, concept and purpose of marriage yet they just want to get married. God can not give you a spouse until you understand in the light of God what you are going into, you can't give your car key to one who doesn't know how to drive and so is God. Maybe you want to get married just to get rid of loneliness, enjoy sex, get off peoples mockery, some want to marry to balance their sexual urge, some want to get married to a rich spouse to change the condition of their family, and many more thwarted purposes that are not the purpose of God for marriage. So check your mind very well, what do you take marriage for?, why do you want to marry?, what are your ideas and notions about marriage?  Are your purposes, ideas and notions about marriage sound and godly?. I want to leave you today with those heart searching questions, I know you want me to at least tell you about the right and sound purpose, concept and principles of marriage but I want you to first of all go and research by your self, that is one of the principles of improvement, seek counsel and read books if necessary to know what you should know. Things you discover by your self have more effect. When I come back for the next discuss of this series you would have known better and I will only add to what you know about marriage.
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