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Friday, 16 February 2018


I know  that you  know that Self control is one's  ability to be in control of his  or her life. But looking around, you can see men that  have no  control over thier lives.  That is the  greatest  bondage,  that one is not in control over one'slife, that some forces are playing you like a toy, that some persons are living your life for you, that some habits are controlling you,that the good things you want to do you don't do them rather you find yourself helplessly doing the bad things you don't want to do, what a tragedy!. 
  It's a pity you have been doing the opposite of the real you and you just feel like a slave,  you just feel you should have control over your life for God's sake, and you are right, yes you should.
    Here is a remedy, and that is to be your self in things that are good, the moment you begin to live your life to impress people not God you will loose control over your words and actions and you just become fake. It's time to regain control over your own life. It's time for to be the man that  God made you to be. Use your will power wisely Like us on facebook

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