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Sunday, 18 February 2018


Mindset-the driving force behind every of our words, actions, reactions and inactions. It is that which makes one good and the other bad, it makes one wise and the other foolish. Mindset makes you see a thing this way while I see it that way, it controls our perceptions and ideas.
 It is quit necessary that we build the right mindset on every subject of life. What is your mindset about success, relationship, marriage and most importantly, LIFE AFTER DEATH?.
  Having a wrong minset destroys the wonderful intrinsic values that God placed in you and make you behave contrary to the real you. One of the Wrong mindsets that people possess is the idea that success is only defined by how much wealth one has amersed for him or her self. I believe, and it is true, that success is not defined by what you have but by what you impact into other people's lives, real success is to make a positive change in somebody's life. Success is not a destination but a journey. Success is also a state of the mind. I have personally discovered that the success defined by possession of wealth can be a sign of failure, how?, many have succeeded so to say in amersing  wealth for themselves but that's just a sign of failure in their  marital responsibilities to their spouses  and children. That's why our society is in shambles.
 So what mindsets do you have?, is there no need to begin changing some?, you know yourself more than I do.
 Here is an eye opener,  the things you hear, see and believe build your mindset. Moreso the people you listen to and take instructions from influence your mindset. It is therefore necessary that you hook up with friends and mentors with the right mindsets. Remember, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. I rest my case for you to ponder.

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