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Extension of Deadline for FUNAI PUTME Registration

Following the Vice Chancellor’s approval the PUTME Registration Deadline has been extended from 3rd July to


I introduced this topic few days ago and since then I have been trying to figure out the best way to go about the teaching and I have come out with a method. Because of how critical this topic is, I believe it is better to divide the teaching into parts for better explanation and assimilation. I will  make teachings short so it wouldn't be boresome.You need to continue following up this topic until our goal is achieved. Let's go!.
 If you don't  know what masturbation is then I advice you not to know, don't even look it up in the dictionary, and you should stop reading this now unless you want to use this to help others or you are just making a research.
 If you have been into masturbation you know that it is the stimulation of your genital either with your hand or objects to achieve sexual satisfaction or orgasm. You know how you used to do that in the bathroom or toilet, how you drop down to the floor or bed and stimulate your genital, sometimes you do that at night pretending to be sleeping whereas you are conscious 😀. You know how you have been piercing your genital with candles, cucumbers and sex toys. Which ever way you have been doing it, the common result is that after the act you just begin to feel empty and dirty, you cry secretly and promise NEVER to do it again and even take an oath of death yet.......Don't worry after this teaching you will conquer. Don't tell me you have read everything readable to help your self, this one is different
To conquer masturbation there is a mindset you need to arm yourself with and that should constitute the foundation of your conquest. You need to ask your self 'how did I get into this?'. If you learnt it by yourself you can stop it by yourself  because you started it,  if somebody taught you into it then somebody can teach you out of it,  since you were able to learn how to do it you are still able to learn how to stop it, YES YOU CAN.
You can read my article for further help, click
You have to convince  yourself and believe you can be free from masturbation. If I stopped you can stop.
I want to call it a day here. I will keep updating you on this topic or you can subscribe to my blog to get updates on this topic. For private advice send me a message on facebook (Uwho Albert). See you next time...........................................................................................................................................................................................Hey! please wait a minute, do you know that many are dieing in silence. Help somebody today, don't forget to share this post.

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Welcome back to this interesting lesson.  Last time I focused on the definition of masturbation and  the foundational mindset with which you must arm your self in order to conquer the habit of masturbation. I want to believe you have armed your self with that mindset,  the mindset in question is If you learnt it by yourself you can stop it by yourself, if somebody taught you into it then somebody can teach you out of it,  since you were able to learn how to do it you are still able to learn how to stop it, YES YOU CAN

Today, we will be looking another sub-topic which is the working mechanism of masturbation.
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